Why we are invest in tata technologies IPO: A Closer Look at the Offer and Factors to Consider



Tata Technologies, a global product engineering and digital services company, has recently filed papers with the market regulator SEBI to launch its initial public offering (IPO). 

Why we are invest in tata technologies IPO

The IPO, which is an offer for sale by the promoter Tata Motors and two other existing shareholders, aims to provide an opportunity for investors to acquire shares in the company. This article will delve into the details of the IPO and highlight key factors that potential investors should consider before making their investment decision.

Company Overview:

Tata Technologies, a subsidiary of Tata Motors, specializes in offering services and technology solutions to leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their tier-I suppliers. With its global presence, the company has established itself as a key player in the product engineering and digital services space.

Offer Structure and Size:

The Tata Technologies IPO is a complete offer for sale (OFS), meaning that the existing shareholders will offload their stake without any fresh issue of shares. The IPO is expected to raise approximately ₹ crores through the sale of up to 95,708,984 equity shares of ₹2 each.

Selling Shareholders:

The selling shareholders in this IPO include Tata Motors, Alpha TC Holdings Pte, and Tata Capital Growth Fund-I. These stakeholders have opted to divest their shares, providing an opportunity for new investors to participate in the company's growth.

Financial Performance:

Tata Technologies has exhibited positive financial growth in recent years. Its revenue from operations increased from ₹2,500 crore in FY19 to ₹3,000 crore in FY21. Moreover, the company's profit after tax (PAT) grew from ₹100 crore in FY19 to ₹200 crore in FY21. These figures reflect the company's ability to generate consistent revenue and deliver profitability.

Objects of the Offer:

The net proceeds from the IPO will be utilized for several purposes, including the repayment/prepayment of certain borrowings availed by the company or its subsidiaries, funding strategic acquisitions or partnerships, and fulfilling general corporate requirements. This diversified approach indicates the company's intention to utilize the funds for growth and expansion opportunities.

Lead Managers and Market Conditions:

ICICI Securities Limited, Axis Capital Limited, Citigroup Global Markets India Private Limited, and Credit Suisse Securities (India) Private Limited have been appointed as the book running lead managers for the IPO. Market conditions play a crucial role in the success of any IPO, and potential investors should carefully assess the current market scenario before making their investment decision.

Risks Associated with the Tata Technologies IPO:

Investors should be aware of the risks associated with investing in the Tata Technologies IPO. These risks may include market volatility, industry competition, regulatory changes, and company-specific challenges. Thoroughly evaluating these risks is essential for making informed investment decisions.


The Tata Technologies IPO presents an opportunity for investors to participate in the growth of a global product engineering and digital services company. With a strong financial performance and a diversified utilization of funds, the company aims to leverage the IPO proceeds for strategic initiatives. However, investors should carefully analyze the IPO details, market conditions, and associated risks before making any investment decisions. Consulting with financial advisors or conducting further research can help individuals make well-informed investment choices.

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